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Sydney | 18 | Arizona | College Sophomore

Am I getting a toned stomach yet?

Am I getting a toned stomach yet?


when your crush posts a new selfie


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Anonymous said: Wow you are really cute X)

Thank you!!! Ily

Anonymous said: You're a fucking cute lesbian, and I put this on anon because nobody knows I'm bisexual

You should totally come off of anon love, I’ll promise to respond privately :3

Anonymous said: Hey I just want you to know you're an awesome person, and it really want to cut my hair short but I feel like everyone will judge me, I might do it cause you still seem confident after doing it, and I love the lesbian stuff I see on your blog, it's what made me realize I'm gay, thank you!

You should totally do it!! I was nervous but felt so much better after I actually got it cut and realized it looked really good and as long as I liked it, other people’s opinions don’t matter. You do you girly!